What to Expect - PreConsultation

Before the camera becomes involved, we will have a phone or an in-person consultation where we can discuss the vision of the shoot, wardrobe, location and answer any questions you may have.   I want to get to know you.   I want you to feel comfortable with me spending time with your family and to feel confident that I will get the images you want on your walls.  As a full-service photographer, I want you to see, touch, feel
the products that I carry.  I have never been a good on-line shopper, I want to know what I am buying.    Together, our goal is to showcase your gorgeous family.  


Full-Service Photographer

Sessions are fun and spontaneous.  I will direct you to play games that I know will elicit connection.   Photo sessions with children ebb and flow -- so just enjoy the ride.  One moment we could all be laughing and dancing and in the next moment we are taking a little break.  Just go with the flow and appreciate the memories that are being made as we go through our time together.   In the end, you will have beautiful memories on the fine products I offer to all clients. 


Ordering Session

After our photo session, I will set-up a time to meet with you to show you your images.  This is best at your home, but if necessary, we can meet at a coffee shop.

My goal is to get printed photos that you can enjoy.   I want to help you from start to finish.  I will even help you hang your wall clusters!!  I am a full-service photographer!

​I do not have packages available.  Your printed photos, canvases and metal prints can be purchased a la carte.    Most customers typically invest between $500-$3300.